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Sarah Colliver is a writer of poetry,  ghost fiction and chicklit. Here you will find links to her books, a little about her and her path to becoming a writer as well as a peek at some of the reviews.  You can even listen to a clip from book one of the Peggy Rodman ghost series, 'Echoes from the Past', as Sarah Colliver reads out the very first chapter. Sarah enjoys hearing from her readers, so if you want to leave feedback or even ask a question, she will endeavour to reply to each message personally.


      Mum, wife, author.           (Not necessarily in that order)

How far would you go for love? Tate has fallen for one of her clients, Bill, but his world is fraught with danger. Will Tate become a casualty or will she survive the seedy underworld where he plays? Beneath the heat of the Spanish sun, see the story through the eyes of both Tate and Bill. Whose side will you choose?


By Margarita on 19 July 2016


Really enjoyed this short book, it has put me in the mood for a trip to the Spanish mountains. Interesting characters and fast moving storyline. I hope that there is a sequel.


Great to know that book one, 'Echoes from the Past', is still being enjoyed. Join Peggy from the very beginning and find out how she discovers her special gift.


Peggy Rodman is in a dark place. Her mother's death has uncovered a gift which she never knew she had. How could she have predicted that following the footprints in the snow, would change everything?

"Beautifully written, descriptive, thought provoking and a great story..."


"Absolutely loved this book and found it hard to put down once started. Stories within a story. The ending was quite a surprise..."



I am delighted to see that book two 'Alive Again', is being enjoyed and reviewed.  If you have not  yet had a chance to read it, don't delay! Peggy is visiting Dorset and a real life ghost village, where spirits are restless...


Three years on and Peggy Rodman is in search of peace and tranquility,in a sleepy Dorset village. Within hours of arriving, she is dreaming of following footprints and ghostly apparitions. Will she cope with all that not-so-sleepy Dorset has to throw at her? 


"Beautifully written and very engaging. A real page turner and I found it hard to put down. Loved the backdrop of the beautiful Dorset scenery - a perfect setting for Peggy's sequel. Loved the way Peggy's gift helped more troubled souls. Great read!" - Blogger & Author BlondeWriteMore.


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